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May 8, 2015





February 18, 2015

I’m very excited to share this tune with yall! Written by myself and produced by Herve Salters of General Elektriks, mixed by Mike Cresswell and mastered by Daddy Kev. With artwork and photography by Matt Wignall.

We did this tune while I was going back and forth from LA to Portland falling in love with a girl named Nikki. Good and crazy times and I think we nailed the emotion of giving up in the best way possible. Letting it go, setting it loose and letting it be. It’s hard for me sometimes because I’m a hard head. Haha.

We shot the video with Vital Films at the same studio “THE BOMB” was shot in Glendale, CA. That same night I locked my keys in my Chevy and ate Rally’s while we waited for the locksmith. Big ups for all the support and lovers!!

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Pigeon John Set It Loose



Free Show in Long Beach 2/12! Live After 5 at Harvelle’s

February 7, 2015




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